Injured by a faulty floor jack

Injured by a faulty floor jack

Tips For Applicants That Have Been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

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If you have been denied social security disability benefits, you may feel frustrated and overwhelmed. You are certain of the reasons you are unable to work, but proving them to the Social Security Administration can be hard. Many applicants give up after being denied benefits and struggle on trying to make it at a job they are truthfully unable to do. Learn more about the steps you should take after being denied instead of throwing up your hands and giving up.

What About An Attorney?

You may have initially applied for disability benefits without the assistance of an attorney. Most applicants simply visit their local social security office for filling out the application necessary. However, if you are denied after your first try, you should immediately file an appeal. While you are usually given sixty days to file an appeal for disability benefits, doing so as soon as you learn you have been denied is better. Discussing your options for appeal with a qualified attorney is best due to their experience in the disability benefits appeals process.

What About Starting Over With A New Application?

Once you have been denied your disability benefits, filing an appeal is best because it shows you are being truthful about your condition and the reasons you are unable to work. If you start a new application, it could look as though you do not believe your reasons in your initial application were steadfast. Once you have filled an application related to your particular disability, sticking with it through the appeals process until you have been approved is important.

What Does Reconsideration Mean For Your Disability Claim?

In some states, benefit applicants are reconsidered after being denied benefits the first time. However, just because you are being reconsidered does not always mean you will automatically be approved. In some states, there are not reconsideration steps taken, and most cases in these states go straight to first level appeals court. Typically, there are four levels to go through during an appeal process, the last one being the Federal Supreme court. Bear in mind you will require the assistance of an attorney if your appeal goes all the way to Federal Court.

If you are experiencing a severe disability, especially one you have recently suffered due to an accident or injury, the process to get your disability benefits can be confusing and stressful. Avoiding the most stressing aspects of the legal processes associated with getting approved for disability benefits is easier when you get an attorney (from Delay Curran Thompson Pontarolo & Walker P.S. or another firm) from the start.


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Injured by a faulty floor jack

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