Injured by a faulty floor jack

Injured by a faulty floor jack

Did Your Mom Or Wife Die Of A Heart Attack After An ER Visit? Get Legal Help Fast

Mia Little

Was your mother or wife sent home from the emergency room and then died, because she was suffering from a heart attack that was misdiagnosed? Unfortunately, studies show women are often not treated as aggressively as men when they enter the ER for heart problems, or their heart condition goes misdiagnosed.

If you feel that her death could have been prevented and she missed out on valuable time, you want to talk with a wrongful death attorney about the problem. The wrongful death attorney may be able to get you compensation for what happened. Here are the things you need for your appointment.

ER Report

When the patient entered the ER, she would have told them her symptoms, such a chest pain, fast heart rate, faintness and other things, and it would have been written down. The report will also show what the vitals were, what the treatment was, and what the doctors diagnosed the problem as. If they didn't diagnose it as a heart attack and she died shortly later because of heart-related problems, this could be all the evidence that you need.

Symptoms at Home

If the patient left the ER and had the similar symptoms at home or the symptoms progressed, you want to explain this to the lawyer. There are many symptoms she may have complained about that you didn't know were indicating a heart attack because you trusted the physicians at the medical facility, like fatigue, muscle pain or stomach irritation. Details after the visit need to be noted because they are more evidence for the case.


If you had an autopsy performed after death and there were major heart complications, it will show in the report. This is going to be the most crucial part of your case, because this is the evidence that proves the physicians at the medical facility overlooked the problem.

Getting a settlement for the grief that you've had to deal with isn't going to bring back your loved one, but it can help you with the financial burdens their death has brought you. Your loved one went to an emergency facility because they felt the condition they were in was worth seeking treatment for, and they were denied the treatment that they truly needed because of medical negligence. Find a wrongful death attorney as quickly as you can, and gather all of the evidence you need for the meeting.


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Injured by a faulty floor jack

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