Injured by a faulty floor jack

Injured by a faulty floor jack

3 Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

Mia Little

If you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home facility, you may be concerned about possible abuse. You have likely heard numerous stories about incidents from others which may be more than a bit concerning. It's important to be on the lookout for potential warning signs that may indicate abuse has taken place. Knowing what to look for is ideal to help you spot any wrongdoing and get it corrected as quickly as possible.

Physical Abuse

One of the easiest types of abuse to spot is the physical type. If your loved one has any of the things listed below be sure to have this checked out immediately:

1.  Bruises, scratches or other unusual markings on the body.

2.  Broken bones or fractures that suddenly occurred and there were no instances of falling.

3.  Losing weight because your loved one has not been given food or water as necessary.

4.  Showing signs of fear when a nursing home caregiver walks into the room.

5.  Failure to provide medication to your loved one as recommended by a medical provider.

Emotional Abuse

It's not as easy to spot emotional abuse as it is to see physical in the majority of cases. This type of abuse is just as damaging to a person you care a great deal for in your life.

Listed below are signs of emotional abuse:

1.  A change of mood on a regular basis that may include being more depressed and anxious than usual.

2.  Loss of appetite and failure to eat meals regularly.

3.  If your loved one wants to be isolated most of the time and fails to socialize with others routinely

Financial Abuse

It's possible for a nursing home caregiver to take money from an individual who resides in this facility.  This has been known to happen, and below are some signs for you to look for:

1.  Sudden decrease in the savings or checking account of your loved one.

2.  When the Power of Attorney (POA) is transferred to another person at the nursing home without warning.

3.  The individual transferring any deeds of land or homes to a nursing home caregiver.

If you have a person you love in a nursing home facility, it's ideal to be aware of any significant changes that could be physical, emotional or financial. Be sure to enlist the expertise of a nursing home abuse lawyer to learn about your legal rights if any abuse is found.


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Injured by a faulty floor jack

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