Injured by a faulty floor jack

Injured by a faulty floor jack

Loss of Leg Use After a Collision: Why a Lawyer is Needed

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Losing use of your legs after your vehicle is hit by a reckless driver can lead to an array of different problems. A good way to get through the traumatic experience is to make sure that you are compensated, which can be done via a lawsuit. Find out in this article what a personal injury lawyer can do to help you win your lawsuit and the estimated price for legal assistance.

Why is Hiring a Lawyer Wise After a Serious Injury Collision?

It is important to hire a personal injury lawyer after a serious injury collision because it can prevent you from going into a big financial bind from long-term leg treatment. The lawyer will first find out if there is anything that can be used against your case if the other party decides to contest the accident report. During the consultation with your lawyer, you will have to truthfully explain what happened when the collision occurred. For instance, he or she will need details of what you were doing and what you noticed about the other driver before your vehicle was hit. If you saw the other party on his or her cellphone before the collision, let your lawyer know.

The lawyer will perform an investigation in an effort to get evidence that backs up what you say happened. He or she will go back to the area where the collision happened to see if any business establishments have surveillance of the incident. The investigation may also involve trying to locate other drivers who witnessed the defendant driving recklessly. The lawyer may also draft up a visual scenario of what might have happened via a diagram that can be displayed in court.

You will be responsible for providing the lawyer with proof of your leg injury and how it is expected to affect your life. All you need is documents from your physician that shows you were injured from a collision and whether or not you will ever gain use of your legs again. The lawyer can then help you get compensated according to your long-term needs. He or she might try to settle the case through mediation before court as a way to help you get compensation faster.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyer Typically Charge?

It is common for personal injury lawyers to charge clients based on how much money is won in the lawsuit. Expect to give your lawyer at least 30% or more of your winnings. Usually, nothing is paid until the lawsuit is successful. If you're looking to get compensated for your injury, consider contacting a knowledgeable attorney, such as the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC, to discuss your case and your concerns.


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Injured by a faulty floor jack

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