Injured by a faulty floor jack

Injured by a faulty floor jack

4 Reasons You May Be Denied Disability

Mia Little

If you've suffered an accident that prevents you from being able to work, you may be considered disabled. This can be a difficult time for you and one way to help you survive financially is to receive social security disability. However, this is not an easy status to achieve even though studies show that 37 million Americans have been classified as being disabled. If you're in this situation, you may be interested in some of the common reasons disability is frequently denied.

Reason #1: Insufficient medical evidence

In order to receive disability, you must be able to provide the necessary amount of medical evidence to back up your claim. This typically is in the form of your past medical records that your doctor has for each office visit you've made over time.

You will need to sign an authorization form that allows this personal information to be released, and failure to do so could forfeit your claim. Additionally, if your doctor doesn't agree with your statement that you're disabled and fails to list you as being so, you will be denied payment.

Reason #2: Failure to follow treatment

You may receive a list of instructions from your doctor that you should follow. This could include taking certain medications to help you recover or assist you in being able to return to work.

If you fail to follow your doctor's advice, this could prevent you from receiving disability payments.

Reason #3: You've been previously denied

If you're filing a second disability claim because the first one was denied, you may be turned down again. The proper procedure to follow when you've been officially denied disability is to file an appeal.

Reason #4: You make more than allowed

There are wage maximums set into place that must be followed before you can receive disability payments.  The degree of your disability will determine the maximum amount you can make.

In 2016, the maximum money that can be made by a blind person is $1,820. For individuals that aren't blind, this amount is $1,130. If you make more than this, you will be denied.

The challenges of being disabled are many, and you will want to take the appropriate action to receive disability if at all possible. Be sure to rely on the experience of a personal injury lawyer if you feel that your claim has been unjustly denied for any reason. 

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Injured by a faulty floor jack

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