Injured by a faulty floor jack

Injured by a faulty floor jack

Seeking Compensation If The Person Responsible For Your Accident Did Not Have Insurance

Mia Little

Getting injured in a car accident that was caused by another driver is a bad situation to go through in life, but finding out the other driver did not have insurance complicates the situation even further. If you are in this situation and unsure of what to do next, you should probably visit a personal injury lawyer for help. A lawyer might be able to help you receive compensation for your injuries in a different way, and here are two options that may help you with this.

Look Into The Person's Assets

One of the first things a personal injury lawyer might suggest is finding out if the responsible party has any money or assets. As a victim of an accident, you have the right to sue this person for the damages you experienced from the accident. The problem is that without insurance, the person would have to pay for the damages out of his or her pocket. If this person doesn't have any money or assets, this would be impossible. In this case, you would have no way to recover the money for damages you suffered.

On the other hand, if an investigation of this person's finances reveals that he or she has money or assets, your lawyer may suggest pursuing a personal injury lawsuit to recover what you lost from this event.

Recover Money From Your Insurance Company

Unfortunately, if the driver did not have insurance, there is a good chance he or she probably does not have a lot of money on hand. If this is the case, there is one other option your lawyer could pursue, and this option is recovering money from your own insurance company.

If you had uninsured motorist coverage on your policy, your insurance company will be responsible for paying you for the damages you incurred. This is a good way to collect some of the money you should be receiving, but you are not likely to get all of it. Uninsured coverage is limited, and you might only be able to receive a small portion of what you are really entitled to.

Personal injury lawsuits tend to work best when the responsible party has insurance coverage, but there are other ways to recover money from accidents. If you would like to find out more about how you can recover money from your recent accident, contact a personal injury lawyer in your city. 


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Injured by a faulty floor jack

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