Injured by a faulty floor jack

Injured by a faulty floor jack

How Does A Car Accident Lawyer Protect Your Interests?

Mia Little

When you get involved in an accident, you have a lot to take care of, from dealing with an insurance company to making sure your car is repaired properly and on time. If you also want to claim compensation, you need to hire a car accident lawyer to represent you in court. But why hire one? There are multiple reasons for this. 

 1. Investigate the Accident 

A car accident lawyer should investigate your accident to determine the parties at fault in the case. This may include conversations with witnesses, viewing surveillance footage, and obtaining police reports from surrounding jurisdictions. 

 For example, if you are stopped by another driver responsible for hitting you, your lawyer will want to talk to that driver and witnesses on the scene.  

2. Calculate the Cost of Illness and Disability

Road accident lawyers can calculate all costs, including property damage and medical costs. Suppose you suffer from an injury or disability associated with a car accident. In this case, a lawyer can help you get full disability compensation and evaluate other benefits you are eligible for. 

3. Engage the Insurance Company for Compensation

If you get injured in an accident that is not your fault, you can get compensation. These benefits include medical costs, pain, distress, and lost working hours. However, many people suffering from personal injury are unaware that they can benefit from their insurance. Hiring a road accident lawyer is an important first step in securing these benefits from the insurance company. 

4. Negotiate Fair and Reasonable Compensation

Having spent a lot of time and money fighting for the best interests of their clients, car accident lawyers understand the importance of ensuring that you get the right compensation. Your family should be able to live comfortably after an accident. 

In your case, you may be able to obtain compensation through insurance claims in addition to punitive damages or criminal accusations against the offending party. A car accident lawyer will help you avoid the common mistakes that lead to the denial of insurance claims. In case of a dispute, the lawyer will represent you in litigation in court. 

5. Protection From Debt Collection Agencies

After an accident, you may neglect your financial obligations because you are unemployed, which draws the attention of the collection agency. Road accident lawyers can help you protect your rights and protect you from active collection agencies. 

Seeking justice after a car accident can be a problem, and you need legal assistance to protect your interests in order to get fair compensation. Call a car accident law firm — such as the Law Offices of Gavin W Murphy, PLLC — today to discuss your case.


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Injured by a faulty floor jack

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